Chemin des Aigles

The policy has always been geared towards doing the best for the individual horse rather than playing the numbers game, and in doing so, get the best out of every horse.

The stable is ideally based in the heart of Chantilly, opposite Les Aigles, the main gallops, and less than 5 minutes from the historic Chantilly Racecourse. With the excellent facilities available, the idea is to tailor the training process to each horses’ individual needs.

The yard consists of three large barns, and an eye-catching courtyard known locally as the ‘chateau’. The boxes are big and airy, and have the benefit of staying cool during the hot summers. There are warm water showers and a sand rolling ring for the horses coming back in off the tracks, and every attention is paid to ensure the horses’ well-being and comfort. The yard is run by a dedicated team, providing support and the highest possible standard of care for the horses.

There are 12 individual turnout paddocks, which are a rarity in yards in main training centres in Europe. Giving the horses some ‘paddock time’ is a huge benefit to their physical, and mental, well-being. It might not make them run faster but it certainly helps them last longer. The yard is also equipped with a horse walker and high speed treadmill, the latter is a great tool for horses coming back from injury and has most definitely made the difference to a few horse’s careers. There is also an equine spa and lunge ring which all makes for a first-class training facility that hopefully covers all your horse’s needs.